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Robin Sweeney Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Robin Sweeney Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Robin Sweeney, LMFT

“As your therapist, I want to help you create the awesome life you deserve!”

Finding the right therapist can be so difficult. And if you’re someone who doesn’t fit into a tidy identity box – whether that’s about your inner nature, gender, sexuality, relationship style or anything else that people sometimes don’t get – it can be even more challenging.

Working together, we can establish a safe space, to deeply explore and affirm your own unique identity and expression. We’ll build a relationship that will focus on your strengths and support you in finding clarity about how to live the authentic life you want.

Working collaboratively, I always want to know how you’re feeling about our work together, and adapt to your needs as issues arise.

I offer affirming care to LGBTQ community members (and our allies!) Additionally, I’m a knowledgeable and caring therapist for people who may identify as members of the kink or polyamorous communities. I understand the experience of feeling outside the world’s labels, and I work with the whole web of gender expression, sexual identity, non-conformity and finding your way in a world that can make it very difficult to not fit in.

As an experienced gender therapist, I offer specialized care for clients around gender identity issues. In particular, I focus on helping transgender and non-binary folks navigate gender identity transition, including preparing for hormones and surgery. My clients benefit from nonjudgmental and informed support to begin exploring questions of identity, and to address the depression, anxiety or daily stress that may interfere with their daily life – without having to worry about educating their therapist about sexuality or gender.

I am ready to help you with:

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