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Depression Therapy

Depression Therapy

Depression Therapy

Do you ever feel lost, hopeless or all alone?

Or maybe you just feel like you’re stuck in the mud and want more out of life.

Or perhaps you’ve experienced a traumatic event or major change in your life and you’re having trouble moving on?

Depression is a common condition that affects 1-in-5 Americans at some time in their lives. Without help or treatment, it can impact all areas of life: work, relationships, health and well being.

Getting help for depression starts with acknowledging the problem, and finding the courage to reach out – sharing how you are feeling with your primary medical provider, and contacting an experienced therapist.

You May Want To Speak With Someone About Depression if:

  • You’re not getting what you want out of life and feel stuck
  • You want to feel more motivated and excited about your life
  • You have trouble feeling happiness or joy
  • You are more irritable, angry or reactive than usual
  • You’ve been impacted by an event, such as an accident or death and are having trouble moving on
  • You feel guilty or bad about yourself
  • You have thoughts that life is not worth living
  • You notice recent changes in your sleep (insomnia or excessive sleep) or eating habits (too much, too little, or bad choices)
  • You’re experiencing physical problems (aches, pains, malaise) that don’t have a clear medical cause
  • Others have noticed a change in your mood and expressed concern

Depression Therapy Can Help You

  • Understand what is underlying your depressed mood
  • Learn new tools and coping skills to manage depression and uplift your mood
  • Find ways to gain support from others who care about you
  • Feel more satisfaction in your relationships
  • Identify what makes life feel meaningful to you
  • Experience more happiness and satisfaction in your life
  • Improve your ability to set and achieve your goals, and thus feel more successful

Our Approach In Helping You Overcome Depression

We recognize you as a unique individual, accepting that you are doing the best you can with very difficult feelings.  Without judgement, we listen carefully to your concerns, and help assess the full context and nature of your depression. We then work with you in planning the best approach to address depression and begin feeling like yourself again.

Our staff are fully trained in a variety of techniques to treat depression, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mindfulness techniques, including Mindfulness-Based CBT
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

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