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Life Transitions Counseling

Life Transitions Counseling

Life Transitions Counseling

Do you feel off balance because of recent changes in your life?

Are you anticipating changes ahead and feeling uncertain about your choices?

Maybe you’ve recently had a relationship end and you’re not sure how to start over?

Or perhaps you are entering retirement and are looking for that next challenge?

Everyone encounters numerous forks in the road of life. It’s normal to feel uncertain or apprehensive when deciding which path you should travel.

Counseling during life transitions can help you explore which direction is right for you, so you can get on with living a happier, more fulfilling life.

Reasons To Speak With Someone About Transitioning From One Stage Of Your Life To Another

  • You are considering a life change and want to be sure you are making the right choice
  • Change has been thrust upon you, and you are having trouble coping
  • You’ve recently had a relationship end or are contemplating ending a relationship
  • You’re thinking about changing jobs or careers
  • You’ve decided you want to be your own boss and start your own business
  • You’re considering going to school or receiving more training for your career
  • Your kids have moved out and now the house feels empty
  • You’ve recently retired or are planning for retirement
  • You have experienced losses and are grieving
  • You need help setting goals
  • You’ve recently moved and feel out of place in your new community
  • You feel you need a change, but aren’t sure exactly what
  • You feel “stuck”

Counseling For Life Transitions Can Help You

  • Discover your inner strengths and use them to move forward
  • Work through feelings of loss, and prepare for a new phase in your life
  • Feel more calmness and confidence in the face of the unknown
  • Uncover your true passions and follow your heart
  • Learn new tools for coping and self-care strategies
  • Identify and set goals, and put a plan in place to achieve them
  • Thrive during challenging times

Our Approach To Helping You Through Transitions in Life

We view you as a unique individual with your own path to walk, recognizing that you have special strengths and abilities to meet your current challenges.  Thus, we use a compassionate, supportive, strength-based approach to counseling and coaching you through the changes.

Some of the methods we can use are:

  • Value clarification
  • Grief work
  • Goal setting
  • Solution focused therapy

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